technical equipment:

optimized from thomas mayer from

1 control room 30m2 (reverb of 240 msec. in all frequencies, +/- 3 dB lineary frequency response from 30-10.000Hz)

1 very dry cabine for very clean drums, etc.

1 semy dry cabine with crisp trebles and well presence, for vocals, guitars, other small instruments


daw 1:

-apple mac pro 12-core, 3,46GHz – 48 GB ram

-cubase pro 9,5, logic pro 10.3, wavelab pro 9.5, mac os 10.11

daw 2:

-apple imac pro 8-core, 3,2GHz – 32 GB ram

-adobe suite (premiere pro, after effects,…) final cut pro, mas os 10.13


a/d, d/a converter:

ssl madi xtreme 64

ssl x logic alpha link madi ax

rme adi 8 ds



-neumann kh 310 left & right

-neumann kh 810

-avantone mixcubes



UAD-2 Quad Flexi (pci-e-card)



-native instruments complete


-steven slate digital




-soundtracs pc midi 24 recording mixer

-true systems – p-solo

-focusrite liquid channel

art voice channel

rme octamic


analog totalizer:

-soundtracs pc midi 24 recording mixer (24 channels for analog totalizing)



-akg c12vr

-neumann u87 rhodium edition

-neumann tlm167

-akg c414

-shoeps cmc 6 / mk4 capsule

-se electronics se4

-avantone ck 40 (dual membrane, stereo)

-audio technica at 4047

-audio technica at 4033

-audio technica at 4054

-akg d 112

akg c 535 eb

-rode ntg1

-rode nt-usb



-yamaha gb1kpe flugel 151cm


guitar amps:

-diezel vh 4

-nepomuk amps 80/18 mkii

-cardinal tube

-fractal audio axe fx ii

-fractal audio ax 8


video equipment:

-panasonic ux180 4k camera

-canon 70d dslr full hd camera

-colorama system, arctic white, black, chromagreen